How to mention other users in your post

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How to mention other users in your post

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We've installed another new feature on the forums. If you wish to mention another user in your post, you can type an "@" and then the first few letters of their user name. That will cause a pop-down menu to appear below. You just select them in that pop-down and there you go. They then show up red in your post. (You can also type "mention" in brackets in front of their name and then "/mention" in brackets behind it; that will work as well.) Anyway, once you post, the mentioned person will get a notification. (And yes, if you go to User Control Panel > Board Preferences > Notification Options, you can turn this off if you want to.)

You can only mention other users when you are making a brand new post; it won't work with edited posts. Also, clicking on the reddened name doesn't do anything like take you to the person's profile - all it does is send them a mention.

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