Mingo is getting a face lift

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Mingo is getting a face lift

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Atomic here...

We are in the process of spiffing up Mingo for a wider and wilder audience!

As a quick aside: we always viewed Mingo as a side gig to our side gig...one that was a neat diversion, but that was basically the whole of it. Well, doings over the holiday season have convinced us that no, Mingo is a big part of our appeal, and we are going to revamp the whole project to give you guys the best of our show!

That means going back over the (literally) hundreds of songs we have accrued and cataloging them for easiest access. Once this is done, we can arrange Mingo rounds by time period, genre, and other ways. If your venue has a younger crowd that doesn't know from Van Halen, we can crank out some Mingo cards for that. If it's the oldsters out there who have never heard of The Weeknd, guess what? We can handle that, too!

This part is not easy, by the by...we're doing a heck of a lot of data entry getting this ready for our next show. Hopefully all will continue to go well!

We'll also be introducing a visual element to the audio. Most of our games will include a screen which will show the previous song's title, just in case you missed it! We might even run some amusing pictures or videos up there - programming on those is still being done...

Make sure you come to our next Mingo shows! We'll be spinning the Mingo at 7pm on Friday, Jan. 19, at Sonoma's in Columbia, and 5pm on Feb. 4, at the HoCo Brew Hive in Ellicott City!
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