AVG Secure Browser - uninstall

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AVG Secure Browser - uninstall

Post by Atlantic »

AVG Secure Browser (formerly Avast's) installed itself with an update of AVG Anti-Virus on a Windows 10 system we own without any prompting during a restart. Browser preferences on the system were hijacked by the browser installer. Initial uninstall attempts (through the regular Win 10 utility) were unsuccessful; processes it was spawning were not able to be ended in Task Manager. The problem was traced to AVGBrowserCrashHandler.exe, which came in 32- and 64-bit versions and hooked themselves into the OS via an unrequested service.

We were able to finally delete all portions after deleting the appropriate container key in RegEdit, then disabling both services (and one for an "elevation service") in Services, then restarting, then deleting the remaining .exes and .dlls manually.

Needless to say, this is behavior that makers of viruses and malware use themselves, not the actions of a company which purports to eradicate them.

Atlantic is withdrawing our use of AVG and strongly recommending to customers to delete it from their systems.
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Re: AVG Secure Browser - uninstall

Post by Ryan »

My two cents: Third party anti-virus software is great for grandma. She needs as much help as possible so that she doesn't download every virus that comes her way. Otherwise, learning how to use technology safely is the better route to travel. Your built-in Windows AV and firewall are sufficient to protect you from viruses, coupled with safe browsing behaviour and common sense mechanics.

Block ads, update your operating system and browser when prompted, avoid nefarious websites, and never click on content from someone you don't trust.

AVG (alongside others) has been a great source of head pain for me over the last 20 years of diagnosing various issues.