You've gotta be kidding

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You've gotta be kidding

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Literally less than a month after upgrading the forums to phpBB 3.3.3, the next version, 3.3.4, has been announced.

This doesn't look like a big deal. They are adding support for webp, which is good but makes me no more fond of webp than I was before; it's a proprietary cash-grab protocol by Google and further erodes the already-ignored concepts of standards-based networking, just as it erodes Google's specious claim of "Don't be evil". There's also a change in the dialog boxes for sending email from the platform which clarifies things a bit, but I don't think anybody here particularly uses that capability. And there are some integrations with PHP 8, which I don't think is being used at GreenGeeks just yet. In other words, there's little here that necessitates any kind of change.

I'd like it if phpBB would get their act together enough to at most an annual schedule of upgrades, but it doesn't look like that will be happening. They are also still advertising BlueHost, which was the worst company I've had to deal with in the tech sector in the past several years.

It's a mildly interesting and mildly frustrating development, but I don't think it will change anything that we are doing in the near term.
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