Do you have a flag?

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Re: Do you have a flag?

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Yes, more flags have been added. We are now up to 287 different choices. I think you'll find the country or ideology you are looking for.

I'm also in the slow process of going to the "flat" colors for flags rather than the "shiny", which I don't think works as well at that resolution. It means replacing each one, one at a time. I'm already well into it, though. The flag you are looking for should be properly rendered, unless you are from a much smaller or more obscure country. I'll get to them all.

Keep in mind that the "lifestyle" flags - pride flags and the like - have been moved to your profile flair. So you can display your country and your preferences and religion and such.

There are also a few new smilies. Got rid of some of the more boring and less useful ones.
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