I'm Glad My Mom Died

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I'm Glad My Mom Died

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by Jenette McCurdy

Eye-catching title, eh? I haven't finished reading this book yet but I have definitely read enough to recommend it. This is a memoir written by the former child actress Jenette McCurdy. She was probably most famous for her time on the Nickelodeon sitcoms iCarly and Sam&Cat. She never wanted to be an actress but her mom pushed her into it because that was her mom's dream. Her mom ignored her OCD, gave her an eating disorder, and several more damaging gifts out of toxic love. It is a look at how rough child acting can be as Jenette suffers not only from her stage mom but also from people in the business who would exploit her.

However, Jenette's voice is what keeps this book from being a dreary affair. Her (often dark) humor keeps the book on the lighter side while still tackling heavy subjects. She tells the story in the first person as the age she was at the time but throws in asides that are obviously from years of therapy and reflection.

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