The Paladin Trilogy

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The Paladin Trilogy

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For generations, warlords fought bitterly for dominance in a land without a king, leaving a fractured, war-torn country plagued by thieves, slavers, and the servants of dark gods and darker magic. Allystaire Coldbourne travels a treacherous path toward his Ordination as a holy knight of legend, a Paladin, a savior of the people. But to fulfill this role, he—and the unexpected allies he finds along the way—must face the demonic, sorcerous evil that stalks the land, the wrath of gods and men, and his own dark past.

Daniel Ford is based in Baltimore and teaches college prep in a MD high school - he is also starting a series of detective novels, the first one is out, that are based locally. Support your local authors!

Great characters, well written fighting, adventure, politics, religion. A battle weary knight chosen to become a paladin of a new rising Goddess, and his attempts to change his world. Great found family, and worldbuilding. I wasn't happy with a few of his plot choices and am on the fence about owning the books but they were a delight to read.
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