Cursed - Season 1

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Cursed - Season 1

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I had a hard time coming to terms with this show. I thought the show was going to be about a time when Excalibur was welded by someone other than Arthur. So I expected it to take place years, decades before the time of Arthur Pendragon.

That is not what this is, it's more of a retelling of the legend; in a way that it doesn't recognize the legend much at all.

I was struggling so hard until a friend told me to view it as an Alternate Universe. This worked for me. I love AUs in fanfiction, taking the characters and putting them in a totally different situation. So. In my mind this is a AU within the universe of the Authorian myth, with little to no connection to characters I have come to love in past creations.

With that in mind, it was interesting.

It was a hard first season, the good guys ie the Fae, suffered many casualties and losses. There are double crosses and treachery.

The Red Paladin are disgusting and I hate them all because I can see/hear is hate and violence to anyone that is different. And I just can't. So they all need to die as they act under the protection of their God. No. Just no.

During the huge beach battle in the finale, I would have loved to have Paladins in the mix to see them perish. Instead it was a battle between the Ice King's armies and the Red Spear. The Red Spear queen is fearless but I'm afraid she is obsessed with power and may be mistaken in some of her decisions, however right now the Fae are benefitting as she takes on the Ice King in pursuit of the sword of power which is in term protecting the Fae from the Ice King.

Obviously the biggest surprise are the Knights of the Roundtable showing periodically in ways you can't predict. Gwaine as the Green Knight, a Fae who is protecting all; Percival, a Fae, as a young child called Squirrel. Lancelot as the Weeping Monk (who slaughtered Far for most of season one. We find out that he was child taken in by the leader of the Red Paladin, tortured and brainwashed with Religion. So he hunted Fae for the Red Paladin, but when the Weeping Monk is faced with Squirrel being tortured and seeing how the Green Knight accepts him - something in him breaks the hold the Priest has on him).

Merlin was another thing that was hard for me to reconcile, Merlin with no magic is not Merlin in my head. I kept waiting for Merlin to get his magic back but they have eluded to that it might be attached to the sword. And the sword itself may not be as good as we have been lead to believe; perhaps it depends on the nature/intentions of the welder. This is confirmed once Merlin picks up the sword and lays waste to all the Red Paladins that approached him. (Picking up the sword is something he swore he'd never do again, it corrupted him; but watching Nimue fall snapped something inside him.)

Morgana starts the season as a Nun but ends it as The Widow. I'm not sure what that means yet, but she can do some magic and the 'voices' spoke to her about becoming a powerful sorcerer. She leaves with Merlin, perhaps she will find a balance to her new...position/power? However it looks like the Widow is like a Reaper, collecting the souls of the dead perhaps.

Arthur, not the heir to the Pendragon thrown, still an awesome warrior and kind hearted (after a blimp at the beginning of the season). Uther though, what a whiny putz; got nothing good to say there.

Nimue was interesting and lovely. While she is sinking in the water with two arrows in her torso, I'm sure she'll be back. Her power with The Hidden was so awesome I want to know more. One negative is that there wasn't a lot of explanation about Fae and their species, and those that have power, those that don't. At first I thought all Fae have power but that's not true. Nimue does, as does Lancelot, but the majority don't seem to. Her best friend Pym was a fun character, strong in her own right.

I did get annoyed at the appearance of Iris, not only did she burn the monastery to the ground, she just is full of hate. She's "little" but causes so much pain and death with her narrow-minded view of humans versus the Fae. And when Nimue just walked toward her, I didn't understand why - she knew her from from monastery and knew she was odd/wrong.

I'm looking forward to the next season because I'd love to see all this fleshed out.