Romantic comedies

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Romantic comedies

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Last week, I was going to ask a question about romantic comedies that was somewhat different. The original idea was to compile a list of the ten or fifteen greatest romantic comedies, according to a couple of compiled-together lists as I often do. I quickly realized that the list was just too diverse...after taking and "grading" the top 20 from six different sites (Rotten Tomatoes, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Indiewire, CinemaBlend, and Thrillist) I had something like 60 different movies. There was one that was a strong consensus at number one, but the rest was a very diverse bunch.

So I'll go ahead and put it here, where I'm less likely to get brickbats for it: what are the greatest romantic comedies of all time (according to those sites above)?

Come up with a list of, say, 10 or 15, and I'll tell you how you did.
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