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Eli & Fur

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Okay, a quandary, here. There's a new duo I discovered and really like the sound of, called Eli & Fur.

They're house DJs, but the sound is not quite as thumpy, particularly on their new album, as many in the genre...and also, they sing their own songs, and they're good at that part.

What's more, they are on tour right now and will be appearing at a venue in DC at the end of October. And ticket prices are fairly reasonable. (They will be the opening act for MK, who is a more established DJ of some description.)

Of course, if I go, it will be a dance show, and I don't really dance...plus I will be the oldest person there by at least twenty years, probably more. :yeahno:

Right now I'm thinking I won't go and just buy the album and listen at home instead...
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