Mac malware Silver Sparrow

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Mac malware Silver Sparrow

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This is an unusual seems this brand of malware infected Macintosh devices as a precursor to a more potentially destructive or manipulative payload - which was never delivered. The designer of this exploit is now triggering a "self-destruct" code subroutine in the malware - and it is that which is being detected.

There are a lot of questions I would have about this malware, even if it appears to be superficially benign. For one thing, the researchers suggest that Apple's notarization process failed to detect this malware, and that this was not the first time that had happened, indicating the period of Mac's long-held reputation as the "safer" option in comparison to Windows may be coming to an end. Hopefully we will have a follow-up on this matter soon, from both the research team and Apple.
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Re: Mac malware Silver Sparrow

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"Bang Mac Malware Silver Sparrow came down, upon his head, do-do, do-doo-doo..." :lol:
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