How to post YouTube videos

Posting a YouTube video to the forums is as simple as posting the URL. However, we have added code allowing you to embed YouTube videos on the forum, for a cleaner look. Here's how:

1. Get the identifier for the Youtube video you want to post. This is the alphanumeric code that appears just after the "?v=" part of the URL for the video.

For example, the identifier of this video is in red below:

2. In the posting screen, position the cursor where in your message you want to video to appear, and press the "youtube" button, just under the subject blank. This will cause "youtube" and "/youtube" to be displayed in square brackets.

3. Insert the identifier between the bracketed words, in the following way:

Code: Select all

This will produce the following:

The videos will all be the same aspect ratio; however, this is a fairly standard ratio across YouTube.