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Atlantic Computing Services is changing its service policies in reaction to the global public health crisis. These changes go into effect on August 15 and will remain in effect until further notice. This supersedes our earlier policy change of March 18.

As with all of our activities as a company, the safety and health of our customers, as well as our personnel, must be the highest priority -- particularly now, during the ongoing state of emergency in our public health. We are also committed to giving you, our customers, the best service for your money. As such, our policies will reflect efforts to provide the maximum in both these goals.

Our first option for support activities for our customers will still be operations on a phone-only basis, using remote desktop software, such as TeamViewer. (You may be instructed how to install and configure TeamViewer over the phone.) In such a case, rates for all services will be negotiable on a per-case basis. Your Atlantic representative will provide an estimate before any remote work proceeds.

If this is not possible, we may authorize Atlantic personnel to come to your house or office to fix the problem. Our second service option in terms of preference would be to extract the faulty components and take them back to our office for service, then return and reconnect them; this will ensure minimal chance for contact. (The fee for extraction, transport, and reinstallation will be $25 per component, unless negotiated differently prior to work beginning.) The third option would be to conduct full on-site service.

For these last two options, Atlantic will be taking the following steps to ensure your safety, and the safety of our engineers:

We appreciate your use of personal protective equipment while our engineers are on-site.

Again, these steps represent a level of inconvenience both for Atlantic and our customers, but we ask and thank you for your understanding during this difficult period for all of us.

Steve Kramer